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    Contributing Photographers: Ben Blackwell, Sylvia Brown, M. Lee Fatherree, Adrian Flowers, Nicole Katano, Brian Wall.
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    Portraits of Brian Wall

    St. Ives, Cornwall, 1960

    London, 1965
    Photo by Adrian Flowers

    Thornaby, England, 1968
    Photo by Sylvia Brown

    Emeryville, California, 2015
    Photo by Nicole Katano

    Sculptures by Brian Wall

    Red Black on White, 1955
    Painted wood relief
    21” x 23 1/2” x 3” h

    Standing Form I, 1958
    4” x 17” x 23” h

    Brown Bomber, 1965
    Oil-based enamel on steel
    216” x 60” x 36” h
    Photo by M. Lee Fatherree

    Blue Diamond, 1968
    Oil-based enamel on steel
    156” x 181” x 60” h
    Photo by M. Lee Fatherree

    Window, 1971
    Collection: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
    Painted steel
    240” x 162” x 98” h

    Early Yellow, 1975
    Private collection
    Painted steel
    17” x 48” x 65” h

    Ali, 1978
    Collection: University of Houston, Texas
    Painted steel
    144” x 144” x 180” h

    Dancer Dancer, 1983
    Painted steel
    132” x 173” x 173” h
    Photo by Ben Blackwell

    Red End, 1991
    Painted steel
    36” x 33” x 24” h
    Photo by M. Lee Fatherree

    Hokusai, 1993
    Painted steel
    71” x 72” x 14” h
    Photo by M. Lee Fatherree

    Long Ball, 2010
    Stainless steel
    115” x 84” x 68” h
    Photo by Brian Wall

    Elegy, 2012
    Collection: de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University
    Stainless steel
    122” x 84” x 63” h
    Photo by Tena Scalph

    Pike, 2014
    Stainless steel
    72” x 84” x 123” h
    Photo by Brian Wall

    White Edge, 2018
    Stainless steel
    90” x 138” x 82” h
    Photo by Douglas Brown